Deep Dives

We like to think of Deep Dives as Khan Academy, but for creative writing. Here you will find a growing set of free resources that can be used by individual learners at home or by teachers in classrooms. Our current modules are designed for roughly college-aged students and writers, but we are working to create syllabi, lesson plans, and study guides appropriate for a variety of age-groups and interests. 

Each module is based on a clip from our featured interviews with masters of the field and concerns a specific aspect of the writers’ craft (plot, character-building, establishing a setting, how to get published, copyrighting, and so on). Right now we’re focused on posting individual modules, but as we continue to build this project we plan to create syllabi, study guides, and assignments for specific course structures (such as eco-literature for a science classroom, or a seminar on feminist dystopian fiction). 

Paolo Bacigalupi on writing solutions in values fiction

Vida Cruz on increasing international participation

S.B. Divya on editorial gatekeeping

Cory Doctorow on copyright versus creative commons licensing

Silvia Moreno-Garcia on publishing science fiction

Ajit George on representation in game writing 

Liz Gorinsky on approaches to the editorial process

Nicola Griffith on narrative empathy and worldbuilding

Minal Hajratwala on working in multiple genres

Nalo Hopkinson on using vernacular speech in storytelling

George R. R. Martin on the importance of fact in science fiction

Farah Mendlesohn on global literary markets

Benjamin Rosenbaum on gender in speculative fiction

Scott Woods on creative community organizing

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