Show Notes for Ep. 47 "Snaring New Suns"


Mary Anne interviews editors Tom Gammarino, Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada, D. Kealiʻi MacKenzie, and Lyz Soto about their anthology of speculative works of literature, poetry, and art from Hawai’i and beyond: “Snaring New Suns.” Together, they discuss the initial difficulties they faced when putting together the anthology, the types of submissions within the collection, and what it means to be a local of Hawaii. This interview is a part of the Portolan Project, an initiative to provide a wealth of exceptional creative writing courses and resources.

You can check out the anthology at Bambooridge here:

Recorded February, 2023 / Published July 10, 2023


  • 0:00:00 – introduction to Snaring New Sunds editors
  • 0:06:20 – on the origins of Snaring New Suns
  • 0:07:30 – on the initial round of submissions
  • 0:15:30 – on the slam poetry scene in Hawaii
  • 0:17:13 – on the writers they solicited for the anthology and achieving diversity in collaborative projects
  • 0:20:10 – what the editors were hoping to get with their callout
  • 0:24:00 – on who is a local of Hawaii and who they encouraged to submit to the anthology
  • 0:31:37 – on how they ordered the pieces within the anthology
  • 0:37:30 – on the consideration of language
  • 0:49:13 – on the poetry within the collection
  • 0:56:13 – on tourism and the fragility of the Hawaii ecosystem
  • 1:13:00 – closing thoughts and poetry reading

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