Deep Dish Reading Series

In October 2017, the SLF partnered with SFWA and CNSC (Chicago Nerds Social Club) to create a SF/F reading series in Chicago. We revived the program in 2022 and are currently scouting locations proximal to public transportation hubs in Chicago.

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Planned and Past Deep Dish Readings


May 16, 2024Featured readers Alex Kingsley and Tina Jenkins Bell, with rapid-fire readers Jared Dennis, Gary Henderson, Jeremiah John, Allison Manley, Connor Nevitt, Darius Vinesar, and John Weagly

April 4, 2024: Featured readers Alexis Silas and Brendan Detzner, with rapid-fire readers Alex Kingsley, Aurelius Raines II, Angeli Primlani, and Chris Pence

February 3, 2024 (Capricon): Featured readers Sue Burke readers Jim Cherry, with rapid-fire readers Mary Anne Mohanraj, Elizabeth Levin, Tracy Forgie Koppel, and Rachel




November 16, 2023: Featured readers David D. Levine and Eden Robins, with rapid-fire readers James Kennedy, Richard J. Chwedyk, Steven H Silver, Alexis Silas, Brian Pastor, and Michael Ryan Chandler

September 14, 2023: Featured readers Sue Burke and Mary Anne Mohanraj, with rapid-fire readers Tina Jens, Reina Hardy, Brendan Detzner, Rory Leahy, John Weagly, and Catherine Lin

March 16, 2023: Featured readers Angeli Primlani, Tara Betts, and Yvette Lisa Ndlovu, with rapid-fire readers Sue Burke, Terry Galvan, Darius Vinesar, and Aurelius Raines II




October 20, 2022: Featured readers Anne Yoder and G.E. Woods, with Kendrick Lee, Claire Levin, Michelle go-un Lee, Tina Jenkins Bell, Jai Caldwell, and Isabella Procassini

August 18, 2022: Featured readers Mary Anne Mohanraj and Meghan Lamb, with Olivia Lilley, Kendrick Lee, Darius Vinesar, Robert Kloss, Daniel Boyd, KenZirrelli Kensey, and Reina Hardy




October 3rd, 2019: Featured readers Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Jane Rosenberg Laforge, Scott Huggins, Sue Burke, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Jeremy John, Anaea Lay

August 8, 2019: Featured readers Scott Woods, SL Huang, and T.J. Martinson, with Dawn Bonanno, Richard Chwedyk, Beth Kander, and Aurelius Raines II.

May 7, 2019: Featured readers Mary Anne Mohanraj, Michael Moreci, and Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, with Najm Haq, Angeli Primlani, Ajapa Sharma, and Supipi Weerasooriya.




October 11, 2018: featured Cory Doctorow and Alec Nevala-Lee (author of Astounding!), with Laura Young, Emily Capettini, Shane Hope, Terry Galvan, and Gordon Dymowski.

September 6, 2018: radio personality Niala Boodhoo joined us to host a discussion on SF/F with Mary Robinette Kowal and Mary Anne Mohanraj! We also featured authors David D. Levine, Mary Robinette Kowal, and SLF Director Mary Anne Mohanraj (as editor of Survivor) along with Chris Bauer, Cathy Crocco, Allison Manley, and Steven Silver

June 7, 2018: featured Ada Palmer and Eden Robins, with Chris Bauer, Tanya DePass, Shareef Jackson, Todd Sumnar, and Anaea Lay.

March 2018:  featured Mary Robinette Kowal and Sandi Wisenberg, with Aurelius Raines II, A.D. Jameson, Kevin Wabaunsee, Dawn Bonanno Hebein, and Scott Huggins.




December 2017: featured debut novelists: Michael Moreci and Sue Burke, with Angeli Primlani, Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Stephen Segal, and Dan Gonzalez.

October 2017: featured novelist Mary Robinette Kowal, debut novelist Cath Schaff-Stump, host Mary Anne Mohanraj, plus Chris Bauer, Richard Chwedyk, and Meg Khoury.




Are you a writer of speculative fiction? Want to read your latest work in front of an audience? We’d love to have you read with us!