Saturday Co-Writing Sessions

The SLF is now officially hosting regular Saturday co-writing sessions from 11am to 2pm Central. This is a session for writers who would like support for their writing, and is currently open to SLF members and staff. (We may open it up further once we work out the kinks. )

There will be 10-15 minutes of introductions, followed by 45-50 minutes of SILENT writing; doing this three times, from beginning to end. People are welcome to show up on the hour; if you join at another time, Darius Vinesar will welcome you via chat.

These sessions will be a great time to catch up on the writing you’ve been meaning to write, while also being in the presence of others doing the same thing. Write whatever you would like to write – it’s completely up to you.

For the time being, the session is only open to SLF members, which you can learn more about here. If you have any questions, please email us at