Brilliant speculative fiction shapes and defines our civilization’s future. At the Speculative Literature Foundation, we promote literary quality in speculative fiction through our grants, programming, and more!

The Portolan Project

We envision a world where everyone can enjoy many of the benefits of an MFA program, without the often heavy cost. Help us make this vision a reality by supporting the SLF’s most ambitious endeavor yet: The Portolan Project.


Check out our upcoming individual and organizational grants and awards! Applying is free, easy, and straightforward. 

Deep Dives

See our Deep Dive interviews and educational modules featuring speculative fiction’s greatest writers and editors, including George R.R. Martin, Nalo Hopkinson, Kate Elliott, and more.

Saturday Co-Writing

Saturday sessions for writers who would like support for their writing, currently open to anyone interested in being a part of our writing community.

Are you a writer of speculative fiction? Want to meet other writers and read your latest work in front of an audience? We’d love to have you join us for live readings in Chicago!

Fiscal Sponsorship

The fiscal sponsorship program allows us to extend our 501(c)3 status to other non-profit organizations, allowing them to accept tax-deductible contributions from the public.

Small Press Co-Op

The Small Press Co-operative is designed to help small presses within the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres co-operate on projects and exchange useful information.

The Illustration of the Year Contest

The Speculative Literature Foundation selects an original artwork combining fantasy and science fiction themes to be featured as its Illustration of the Year.