Volunteer With the SLF

Do you want to go beyond being a member of the SLF and help us bring our mission to life with your own skill set and experience? Well, a great way to start is by becoming a volunteer. Right now, we need a lot of help transcribing our content in order to make it accessible to a broader audience. We could also really use the expertise of teachers, graduate students, and other educators in building out the Portolan Project. Please fill out and send the form below to get you started at the SLF.

(By the way — we can’t yet offer paid positions at the SLF, but hope to make that an option in the future as we continue to grow. Neither can we guarantee any form of volunteer work immediately, as we’re in the process of increasing our capacity so we can effectively manage volunteers. Rest assured, we will taking down your information, and will get back to you when we have a project you can help with).