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Check out some of the panels the SLF has put together over the years with writers, industry professionals, and more!
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The Long View: Editing Over the Decades With Beth Meacham​

Recorded December 10, 2022

On Editing

Three editors of varying backgrounds and specialties talk about facets of their editing careers.

Panelists: indie editor of the MRK’d Up Editing service Mia Kleve, editor at Christopher Morgan, and Hugo award-winning Diana Pho.

Recorded November 19, 2022

What (Else) Do Editors Want?

Two more influential editors hop on Zoom to discuss editing with the SLF. Should a story have an exciting “hook”? How long should a submission be? Are the politics of a piece important?

Panelists: Neil Clarke, editor-in-chief of Clarkesworld Magazine, and Sheila Williams, editor-in-chief of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

Writers recommended by panelists, in order of appearance:

Recorded March 26, 2022

Creating a Shared World

Writers from George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards and Ellen Kushner’s Tremontaine come together to talk about the challenges and delights of working in a shared universe.

Panelists: Ellen Kushner, author of Swordspoint and other fantasy novels, Delia Sherman author of The Porcelain Dove, Walter Jon Williams author of the Privateers and Gentlemen series, and David D. Levine author of Arabella of Mars. Moderated by Mary Anne Mohanraj, SLF Director.

Recorded March 19, 2022

What Do Editors Want?

A panel of short fiction editors talk about what they’re looking for in stories right now — and what to avoid! What common mistakes do writers make? What makes a story stand out from the slushpile?

Panelists: Award-winning editors Lynne Marie Thomas, editor-in-chief of Uncanny Magazine, and Jed Hartman, former senior fiction editor at Strange Horizons Magazine. Moderated by Mary Anne Mohanraj, SLF Director.

Recorded March 12, 2022

Generating Ideas

Let’s talk about where writers get their ideas, and how you decide which ideas you want to develop into a finished piece.

Panelists: SLF Director Mary Anne Mohanraj and Benjamin Rosenbaum, author of The Unraveling and podcast co-host for Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans

Recorded March 5, 2022

What Publishing Professionals Wish First-Time Authors Knew

Panel organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the SLF. The panelists are publishing professionals from a variety of backgrounds in the industry:

  • Jacob Weisman, publisher & editor at Tachyon Publications and nonfiction writer.
  • Ann Seaton, operations director at the California Independent Booksellers’ Alliance.
  • Arley Sorg, co-editor in chief at Fantasy Magazine, senior editor at Locus Magazine, associate editor at Nightmare and Lightspeed magazines, interviewer at Clarkesworld, and writer.
  • Angela Dalton, traditional and indie author of children’s books, including the forthcoming Ruby’s Reunion Day Dinner from HarperCollins.

The panel is moderated by SLF-SF Bay Area co-organizers Audrey T. Williams, Rebecca Gomez Farrell, and Jasmine H. Wade.

Recorded March 21, 2021

Virology for Writers with Dr. Kishana Taylor

Dr. Kishana Taylor gives a talk on Virology for Authors for the SF Bay Area chapter of the SLF. Our expert talks conjure our members’ creativity by learning about an academic subject of great interest to speculative fiction writers. It’s hard to think of a more relevant topic for today than virology!

Dr. Taylor is a post-doctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. Her work focuses on the role of monocytes in the development of severe COVID-19. She is an alumnus of the Diaz-Munoz Lab at UC-Davis, where she focused on understanding patterns and frequencies of influenza reassortment.

The SLF-SF Bay Area is organized by Audrey T. Williams, Rebecca Gomez Farrell, and Jasmine H. Wade.

Recorded January 2021

How Do Speculative Fiction Writers Get Grants?

A panel discussion of what sort of grants are available for speculative fiction writers, what goes into a grant application, and what tips the panelists have for making sure your application has the best chance possible at success. This discussion can be applied to residencies, fellowships, and all sorts of opportunities to gain funding for your fictional work and projects related to it.

Hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the SLF. Panelists: Mary Anne Mohanraj, Raina J. León, Nina Woodruff-Walker, and Setsu Uzumé. SLF-SF Bay Area co-chairs: Rebecca Gomez Farrell, Jasmine H. Wade, and Audrey T. Williams.

Recorded October 2020