Welcome to the Portolan Project, an open-source creative writing resource.

Brilliant speculative fiction shapes and defines our civilization’s future. We envision a world where everyone can enjoy many of the benefits of an MFA program, without the often heavy cost. Help us make this vision a reality by supporting The Portolan Project, an initiative to provide a wealth of exceptional creative writing courses and resources.

We are raising $5,000 to build a self-directed Intro to Fiction course this summer and provide an honoraria to each of our contributors. This course will include a minimum of six modules. 

Our educational modules include study questions and writing exercises designed both for people working on their own and for educators to use in their classrooms.

Our Kickstarter launches in


We hold panel discussions with industry leaders, giving our audience a chance to engage with these experts directly. Recent panelists include:

  • Sheila Williams, editor of Asimov’s, 
  • Neil Clarke, editor of Clarkesworld, 
  • and Lynne Marie Thomas, editor of Uncanny.

Our podcast, Mohanraj and Rosenbaum are Humans, centers on speculative fiction, writing, editing, reading, and community culture.

Check out our interviews with masters of the field on aspects of craft.

These are deeper takes on what authors have to say about the craft of writing.

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