Silvia Moreno-Garcia

On her cultural heritage and science fiction / fantasy writing.

“[T]here also anxieties about security in Mexico, and in many parts of Latin America, Central America — we have a very insecure situation, with drugs, with cartels, with police attacking the population rather than defending them. So that’s reflected, obviously, in the writing. That’s why we have a thriving thriller scene in Latin America, because it reflects our anxieties. So in the United States, you don’t necessarily have those anxieties. You don’t necessarily walk around as a second generation person thinking about things like — ‘What if the narcos come into my house and blow my brains out tonight?’  You have other things.  So, there’s very different modes of production.  I think one of the problems with publishing is wanting everything to be just one story and this specific story and not being able to even think — ‘Would it be interesting if we could tell this other story?’ But going — ‘No. We only want to tell this tale.  It has to fit these parameters.’ And if it doesn’t, then it’s something that’s not going to be viable.”

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