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Since the pandemic, there’s never been more talk about mental health and burnout, and almost every week there seems to be a new article, Instagram or TikTok reel explaining both the state of our constant anxiety and how to combat it. Yet these soundbytes are not enough for us to help unpack the nuances of what can be for some a life-long struggle. 
In this class, we’ll look at some of the best current writing on mental health from a diverse list of authors and examine what makes the article work so well (among the many out there). We’ll then do a series of writing exercises that can you generate your own material or edit what you already have. Students don’t not have to share their writing, but are encouraged to do so.

How long is the workshop? 1 Session (2.5 hours)
When? (Workshop is currently being rescheduled)
What time? 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM CST
Location? Zoom
Instructor? Nancy Hightower
Number of students who can sign up? 15
What’s the price? $60 (discounted rates for certain tiers of SLF membership)

Instructor: Nancy Hightower

Nancy Hightower has written essays about politics, spirituality, and mental health for NBC News Think, Sojourners, HuffPo, and Entropy, among others. She is the author of Elementarí Rising (2013) and a poetry collection, The Acolyte (Port Yonder Press, 2015). Her flash fiction “Medusa Gets a Girlfriend” won Wigleaf’s Top 50 in 2017 and from 2014-2016, she was the science fiction and fantasy reviewer for The Washington Post. She currently teaches at Fashion Institute of Technology and Hunter College.

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