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In this class, writers will develop a project toward first draft or subsequent draft completion. Peer and Instructor feedback will augment their own evaluation of their work. Projects may rotate from week to week to give enough time for in-session reading and discussion. In addition to script pages, writers will create a logline and short outline that clarifies the story of their script and aids in evaluation and rewrites.

NOTE: Writers may elect to develop a full length screenplay, short film screenplay or television pilot.

How long is the workshop? 6 Sessions (Sessions are 2.5 hours)
When? (Course is currently being rescheduled)
What time? Sundays, 12:30 – 3:00 PM CDT
Location? Zoom
Instructor? Ted Schneider
Number of students who can sign up? 12
What’s the price? $350 (discounted rates for certain tiers of SLF membership)


Tools to focus work and ensure choices develop their story toward a compelling climax.

1. Logline
2. Outline
3. Script Pages (scenes and sequences)
4. Research
5. Peer and Instructor Feedback

Some other language that may be used to look at scripts from a shared lens: Protagonist, Forces of Antagonism, Reversal, Climax, Theme, Structure, Reverse-Engineering

In addition to readings and discussions, students will look at professional, produced screenplays, loglines and outlines, where applicable, and discuss and workshop formatting options.


Writers will complete a short logline and outline and write a screenplay or teleplay or series of scenes and sequences for a feature length, episodic or limited series project or short-form screenplay.

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