Chicago Deep Dish April 2024

Deep Dish is a reading series of Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction and Fantasy! It is a crazy good event, with some incredible authors working in and out of this genre. This event was held on April 4, 2024 at Volumes Bookcafe in Chicago, IL.

Featured Readers

Brendan Detzner writes horror, fantasy, weird humor, and a lot of other stuff. He’s also a proud member of the Chicago-area SFF community. His short fiction has appeared in the Podcastle and Pseudopod podcasts, the Chizine horror web magazine, the Exigencies and Book of Dead Things anthologies, and many other venues. He ran the Bad Grammar Theater reading series for many years, and he’s shopping around a novel right now about a petty criminal who accidentally becomes a supervillain.

Despite heavy interference from her cats, Alexis Silas (aka Julie Danvers) has managed to write short stories and novels in a variety of genres, including romance, horror, and science fiction. Somehow, her stories always seem to come back to mother-daughter relationships. She recently attended the Viable Paradise writing workshop, and the anthology completed by her cohort, titled ‘New Year, New You!’ is currently available for pre-order on

Rapid Fire Readers

Alex Kingsley (they/them) is a writer, comedian, game designer, and amateur mycologist. They are a co-founder of the new media company Strong Branch Productions, where they write and direct sci-fi comedy podcast The Stench of Adventure and other shows. Their short fiction has appeared in Translunar Travelers Lounge, Radon Journal, The Storage Papers, and more. In 2023 they published their short story collection, The Strange Garden and Other Weird Tales. Their debut novel Empress of Dust will be published by Space Wizard Science Fantasy in Fall 2024. Alex’s sci-fi play “The Bearer of Bad News” premiered in LA in 2022 produced by the Annenberg Foundation, and their sci-fi play Unplanned Obsolescence premiered in Philadelphia in 2023 as part of Cannonball Festival. Alex’s SFF-related non-fiction has appeared in Interstellar Flight Magazine and Ancillary Review of Books. Their games can be downloaded pay-what-you-will at

Christopher Pence continues to pour the foundation for his comic-novel series, 52. Final edits on Dead Man’s Hand are complete, and he plans to finish House Rules by fall. The following is taken from the opening of book three, Four of a Kind, in which a stolen spacesuit tests the reaches of the Enhanced Ability Registry …

Angeli Primlani is a Chicago-based playwright, director, producer and actor. She was culture and features writer and online editor for The Prague Post in the Czech Republic. She was the founding Artistic Director of Accidental Shakespeare Theatre Company. Her play The Black Knight premiered in spring of 2022. The Marlen of Prague is her first novel.

Aurelius Raines II writes and lives in Chicago. His short stories and essays have been included in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, Apparition Literature, FIYAH Magazine and Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler, which was the winner of the Locus Award in Non-Fiction. He is a Voodoonauts Fellow (c/o ‘21). In his spare time, he shows people how to hold their dreams in their hands by teaching in a FabLab.

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