Ep. 39 of MRAH Out Now!

Ep. 39 “Ted Chiang and the Metrics of Personhood” is out now on your podcast app of choice!

This is kind of a surprise episode for season 1, as it’s coming out months after the season has technically ended. MRAH host Benjamin Rosenbaum has a conversation with celebrated writer Ted Chiang about what it means to be a person, whether Alan Turing’s test for artificial intelligence still holds up, and the persistent themes of parenting and religion in Chiang’s work. 

We were waiting for an opportune moment to release this, and it has come! Rosenbaum and Chiang are having a virtual event on Tuesday, July 26 at 8 PM CST, hosted by Skylight Books. If you find yourself enjoying Rosenbaum and Chiang’s rapport in the episode, make sure to stop by the event to see more of Ben and Ted! 

Benjamin Rosenbaum
Ted Chiang