Show Notes for Ep. 39 "Ted Chiang and the Metrics of Personhood"

Surprise! It’s a bonus season 1 episode we’ve been keeping on the back burner! Ted Chiang comes onto the show to have a discussion with Ben about what it means to be a person, whether Alan Turing’s test for artificial intelligence still holds up, and the persistent themes of parenting and religion in Chiang’s work.

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Content warning for a potentially ableist use of a congenital disease as an example of the theological problem of innocent suffering.

Recorded February 20, 2021 / Published July 22, 2022


  • 0:00:00: Start of episode and how Ben and Ted met
  •  0:06:16: On the introverted nature of writing
  • 0:08:37: On Ben and Ted’s conversational style
  •  0:16:40: On the themes Ben and Ted find themselves writing about
  •  0:31:18: On personhood, computerhood, and nanotechnology in sci fi
  •  0:46:49: On the Alan Turing test
  • 1:29:19: Intermission, followed by discussion on corporations as intelligent beings
  • 1:34:15: Rapid fire questions begin, starting with why The Lifecycle of Software Objects is written in the present tense
  •  1:43:50: On the real world postulation within Ted’s fictional worlds
  •  1:49:49: On the theme of religion in Ted’s work
  •  2:12:15: On Jonah and Job
  • 2:20:01: Last question on Ted’s Omphalos and conclusion

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