Speculative Literature Foundation Announces Changes to Annual Grant Schedule

The Speculative Literature Foundation has announced a change to its annual grant schedule, beginning in 2020. Applications for each grant will be accepted for three months each year according to the following schedule:

January – March: Older Writers Grant and A.C. Bose Grant for South Asian Speculative Literature
April – June: Diverse Worlds and Diverse Writers Grants
July – September: Gulliver Travel Grant
October – December: Working Class Writers Grant (starting fall 2020)

The $1,000 Older Writers Grant is awarded annually to a writer who is fifty years of age or older at the time of application. The $1,000 A.C. Bose Grant for South Asian Speculative Literature is awarded jointly by the SLF and DesiLit to a South Asian or South Asian diaspora author developing speculative fiction. The $500 Diverse Worlds Grant is awarded to an author whose work presents a diverse world, regardless of the writer’s background, and the $500 Diverse Writers Grant to writers from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds. The $1,000 Gulliver Travel Grant is intended to assist writers of speculative fiction in their research, and can be used on airfare, lodging, and other travel expenses. The $1,000 Working Class Writers Grant is awarded to writers of speculative fiction who are working class, blue-collar, poor, or homeless, who have been historically underrepresented in the genre due to financial barriers.

Each grant is intended to support the SLF’s mission of promoting literary quality in speculative fiction. Grants are awarded by a jury of SLF staff on the basis of merit. Additional information about all of the SLF’s grants, including specific application guidelines, can be found at speculativeliterature.org/grants. Grant applications are open to all: you do not need to be a member of SLF to apply for or receive a grant.

Three grants are currently accepting applications: the 2019 Working Class Writers Grant through February 28th; and the A.C. Bose Grant and Older Writers Grant through March 31st.