Working Class Writers Grant 2014 Results

The Speculative Literature Foundation is pleased to announce Nino Cipri as the winner of the 2014 Working Class Grant.

Cipri, a 2014 graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop, reads submissions for Crossed Genres Magazine, and reviews books for Strange Horizons and the Future Fire. Cipri also has a number of current and forthcoming publishing credits, which includes, Fireside Fiction, Betwtixt, Daily Science Fiction, the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, and the Eunoia Review.

Grant juror Jim Frenkel said of Cipri’s entry, “The Shape of My Name”: “This is a very original story, with an unusual take on time travel as well as gender and transgender issues. Pitch perfect. Very polished and potent.”

Honorable Mentions for the 2014 Working Class Grant were: Alix Heintzman, Molly Moss, and Kathrin Köhler, who made the selection process for jurors very competitive, but enjoyable.

The $750 Working Class Grant is intended to support working class, blue-collar, poor, and homeless writers who have been historically underrepresented in speculative fiction due to the financial barriers that have made it much harder for them to have access to the writing world.

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