Show Notes for Ep. 57 "In the Infinite Forest with Jonathan Strahan and Gary Wolfe"

In this episode, Mary Anne and Ben explore the infinite forest of science fiction and other genre work with Jonathan Strahan and Gary Wolfe, the hosts of The Coode Street Podcast. The four podcast hosts explore the ethical responsibilities of reviewing, the idea of a global cannon of science fiction, and the importance of anthologies and magazines in the field. 

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Recorded September 24, 2022 / Published September 18, 2023


  • 0:00:00 – Introduction to Strahan and Wolfe, and how they got into podcasting
  • 0:13:25 – Wolfe on the current state of the sci-fi field
  • 0:15:35 – on the ethical responsibilities of reviewing
  • 0:24:03 – on podcast scope
  • 0:29:46 – on the origins of genre writing and reading
  • 0:36:00 – on books succeeding both as genre and literary fiction
  • 0:43:56 – on influences and the canon
  • 1:01:47 – intermission and SLF ad, followed by discussion of the significance of best-of anthologies in the field
  • 1:25:45 – on the Locus magazine situation
  • 1:44:35 – how the review sausage gets made
  • 1:53:46 – how does one become a reviewer?
  • 1:58:26 – concluding thoughts and the difference between critics and reviewers

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