Show Notes for Ep. 41 "The Magic of Ritual with K. Tempest Bradford"

Mary Anne Mohanraj takes a Deep Dive with author K. Tempest Bradford on her work, themes of ritual magic, and travel research. This interview is a part of the Portolan Project, an initiative to provide a wealth of exceptional creative writing courses and resources. This interview has been “Charted” by creative writer and instructor Jasmine H. Wade, with supplemental material in the form of discussion questions and writing exercises that further explores the topics of grief, memory, and structure in the interview:

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Recorded March, 2022 / Published May 30, 2023


  • 0:00:00: Bradford on the process of writing her story, Until Forgiveness Comes
  • 0:06:40: On how technology can blend with ritual magic
  • 0:15:45: On Bradford’s travel research
  • 0:22:40: On Bradford’s upcoming middle grade novel (Ruby something, should be out now)
  • 0:25:30: On Bradford’s writing classes

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Other Clarifying or Explanatory Links

  • Link to Bradford’s writing classes