Show Notes for Ep. 35 "Narrating With Fred Berman"

Mary Anne and Ben invite actor, producer, and podcast host Fred Berman to discuss another part of his career in particular: audiobook narration. Starting with Fred’s experience of reading Ben’s new book, The Unraveling, the trio discuss the intricacies of audiobook narration, the voicing of characters outside our experience and background, and the financial aspects of being an audiobook narrator. 

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Recorded January 12, 2022 / Published January 25, 2022


  • 0:00:00: Introduction to Fred Berman and his initial thoughts on The Unraveling
  • 0:18:08: How does one get into audiobook narration?
  • 0:31:27: How much does a narrator’s background factor into a narration?
  • 0:39:10: On sensitivity issues
  • 0:51:03: Intermission and ad
  • 0:58:44: What preparation for audiobook narration like
  • 1:13:14: Budgeting and other financial aspects of audiobook narration
  • 1:30:10: How to get into audiobook narrating
  • 1:40:14: Does genre of a work affect the narration?
  • 1:43:47: Closing thoughts and Fred’s socials

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