Show Notes for Ep. 34 "Revisions and Workshopping With Jed Hartman, Pt. 1"

In the first part of a long discussion about the revision and workshop process, Mary Anne and Ben invite Jed Hartman on the show again to explore questions of inspiration, maturity, resilience, and voice when it comes to writing.

Recorded October 25, 2020 / Published January 17, 2022


  • 0:00:00: Ben’s revision process and writing with deadlines
  • 0:08:00: Should you wait for the inspiration?
  • 0:14:30: On the revision process
  • 0:21:47: Developing maturity and resilience in writing
  • 0:37:08: SLF ad
  • 0:38:10: On the anxiety of influence and copying from the masters
  • 0:42:22: On developing your unique writer’s voice
  • 0:49::37: On workshopping
  • 1:00:08: On revision being a gift
  • 1:10:33: Samuel R. Delaney at Mary Anne’s Clarion and harsh critique

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