Show Notes for Ep. 31 "An Interview With Vida Cruz"

Mary Anne interviews Filipino writer Vida Cruz about her experience going to cons, winning the Tiptree (now known as Otherwise) award, and the sci-fi and fantasy community in the Philippines.

For the transcript of the interview click here.

Recorded 2019 / Published 23 November 2021


  • 00:00: Cruz’s experience going to cons
  • 01:54: What the sci-fi and fantasy community is like in the Philippines
  • 04:50: Cruz on winning the Tiptree award and writing in a politically fraught environment
  • 08:46: Intermission and Portolan Project Kickstarter ad
  • 09:59: Cruz on Writers of the Future and what it was like going to Clarion
  • 15:45: Cruz’s parting advice for writers and her socials

Notes and Links

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