Show Notes for Ep. 3 "An Interview with Silvia Moreno-Garcia"

Mary Anne interviews Silvia Moreno-Garcia about her experiences with sci-fi and fantasy growing up in Mexico, and how it’s shaped her own work.

Content note for discussion of dictatorships in Latin America.

You can also read the interview here.

Recorded 2019 / Published 5 April 2021


  • 0:30: Introducing this episode’s guest, Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
  • 1:30: Silvia’s childhood in Mexico, reading her mother’s copies of sf books.
  • 4:35: The sf scene in Latin America and Spain, then and now.
  • 5:40Cosmos Latinos, an anthology of Latin American sf, and other venues where Latin American sf has been published.
  • 8:05: More-recent Latin American sf writers, and some of their tropes and themes and anxieties and modes.
  • 12:55: Representation in publishing, and what US Anglophone editors are likely to focus on.
  • 14:00Into the Spider-Verse and demanding a wider variety of stories.
  • 14:45: Brief intermission, featuring an ad for the Speculative Literature Foundation.
  • 15:20: Silvia’s life in Canada, and the Canadian sf-publishing scene.
  • 20:05: Silvia’s novel Gods of Jade and Shadow, a quest story set in 1920s Mexico.
  • 22:15: The value of oral history, spoken knowledge-sharing, and folktales.
  • 24:30: Omniscient narrators and Latin American culture.
  • 27:19: Silvia’s then-forthcoming novels Untamed Shore and Mexican Gothic.
  • 29:40: Credits.

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