Show Notes for Ep. 29 "Tentifying with Jed Hartman"​​

Jed Hartman joins Mary Anne and Ben again to talk editing. From acquisitions to developmental, they discuss the many complex levels of editing as well as the editorial cultures that can arise in a workplace. Also important to the conversation is how they engage with dialectic decisions, especially when it comes to swearing, and whether or not you should hire an editor.

Recorded 11 October 2020 / Published 10 November 2021


  • 0:00:00: Episode dedication to Catherine Morrison
    • & introduction to everyone’s experience level with editing
  • 0:12:28: On the levels of copyediting
  • 0:16:32: Clarifying aquisitional vs. developmental editing
  • 0:24:50: On kill fees in the publishing world
  • 0:29:50: On the different editorial cultures, swearing and other dialectic/language decisions
  • 1:01:58: Intermission with Portolan Project Kickstarter ad, link here if interested in donating
  • 1:13:19: Jed on persona centered design in software
  • 1:28:50: On the styles of editing
  • 1:39:37: On workshopping and the question of whether or not you should hire an editor
  • 2:07:25: Closing thoughts

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