Show Notes for Ep. 24 "The Agent Hunt: She Wanted It All"

In this episode, Mary Anne brings on Ben to discuss agents. Both recount their experiences finding and working with agents, their importance to the field, proper etiquette in finding and speaking with them, and how Mary Anne should navigate her wide array of genre projects with an agent.

Recorded 1 August 2021 / Published 28 September 2021


  • 0:00:00: Start of podcast and why you would want an agent
  • 0:06:21: On the kinds of connections an agent can bring you
  • 0:13:08: Mary Anne on her agent experience throughout her career so far
  • 0:21:40: On the etiquette of finding agents and other connections
  • 0:28:17: Mary Anne returns to her agent experience
  • 0:35:07: Ben recounts his agent experience
  • 0:45:04: Intermission
  • 0:53:40: Ben’s agent spreadsheet
  • 1:05:19: On why sub-rights are important
  • 1:10:23: On what Mary Anne’s next steps should be