Show Notes for Ep. 21 "Jed, Pt. 2: “Strange Horizons Origin Story, and Other Adventures"

On his second appearance on the show, Jed Hartman discusses the origins of Strange Horizons with Mary Anne and Ben, and the difficulties they encountered with establishing its reputation and bringing a diversity of voices to the field.

Recorded 13 September 2020 / Published 30 August 2021


  • 0:00:00: Start of podcast and the inception of Strange Horizons
  • 0:09:23: Mary Anne on long distance group projects and using email
  • 0:11:50: On how Jed got involved with Strange Horizons
  • 0:16:00: Jed on the kind of magazine Strange Horizons wanted to be
  • 0:18:00: Mary Anne on the new magazine she is developing
  • 0:20:00: On the diversity if voices in the magazines
  • 0:30:52: On Strange Horizon’s struggle in the field
  • 0:34:04: How Strange Horizons quantified its success
  • 0:38:08: On how Strange Horizons selected its unpaid staff
  • 0:42:28: On how Strange Horizons developed its editorial voice
  • 0:47:37: On the awards question
  • 0:55:49: On reading stories anonymized
  • 0:59:55: On pay rates and the ethos of a magazine
  • 1:03:41: Intermission
  • 1:04:21: On building community
  • 1:14:44: On what they would’ve done differently with Strange Horizons
  • 1:18:02: On writing outside your experience and games
  • 1:21:08: On profluence
  • 1:27:33: On Strange Horizons and hypertext fiction
  • 1:31:58: Mary Anne’s advice on trying something new
  • 1:36:58: On the financial aspects of Strange Horizons
  • 1:43:46: On how Kickstarter effected crowd funding
  • 1:47:46: On Jed’s Constellation Press and why he started it 
  • 1:52:30: The difference between anthologies and magazines