Show Notes for Ep. 20 "Delia and Ellen, Pt. 2"

In the second part of their discussion, both Delia and Ellen are present to talk Shakespeare, writing style, character realism, dialogue, the queer side of the genre history, and more with Mary Anne and Ben.

Recorded 28 June 2021 / Published 26 August 2021


  • 0:00:00: Beginning with a discussion on Shakespeare
  • 0:06:08: On TikTok musicals and collaborations
  • 0:11:34: On writing style
  • 0:13:49: On reading Shakespeare as a novelist
  • 0:15:51: Mary Anne joins conversation and brings up Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin
  • 0:17:55: On how Shakespeare inhabits his characters
  • 0:21:38: On dialogue tags
  • 0:31:27: On character realism
  • 0:33:55: Mary Anne on her Red Sari project
  • 0:38:00: On the queer side of genre history
  • 0:41:21: On society pushing you to be the most conservative you can be
  • 0:47:38: On traveling between countries
  • 0:52:24: Parting thoughts, writing advice, and book recommendations from Delia and Ellen

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