Show Notes for Ep. 16 "How We Started"

Stranded in the Swiss Alps, Ben reminisces with Mary Anne about their early writing in what is essentially a sequel to the “Gamifying the Rejection” episode. The two also discuss the importance of magazines in their lives, and how starting Strange Horizons impacted budding and established writers alike in the field.

Recorded 12 July 2020 / Published 12 July 2021


  • 0:00: Why Ben is recording from paradise
  • 3:40: MA on the origins of her online journal
  • 6:00: MA on writing sex during the beginnings of the internet
  • 7:50: MA on being a grad student with a book coming out
  • 12:45: Beginning a discussion on pro magazines
  • 15:45: On the importance of tracking sheets for writers
  • 20:25: Ben’s beginnings as a writer
  • 24:50: Transitioning to the topic of pro
  • 26:10: On the rights to reprint your own work
  • 27:50: On how the Strange Horizons magazine began
  • 29:00: Print vs. online magazines, and why dragons work
  • 40:23: Intermission and This Kaiju Life promo
  • 41:06: On Strange Horizons building it’s reputation
  • 56:15: Strange Horizons’ Tea Party
  • 1:03:00: Final thoughts
  • 1:07:30: MA on how dating changed in the field after strange horizons

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