Show Notes for Ep. 14 "Chore Charts and Cookies"

Trapped in quarantine during the early stages of the pandemic, Mary Anne and Ben delve into their family structures through a lens of domesticity. Ben introduces and explains his chore chart, which was created earlier in his life and has developed into a well running machine. And Mary Anne asks the question of whether or not you should get a cookie for doing the right thing.

Recorded 20 May 2020 / Published 28 June 2021


  • 0:00: Ben and Mary Anne explaining their home life structures during the early pandemic
  • 9:55: Ben’s chore chart
  • 13:00: The idea of kaizen and how it relates to issues of social justice
  • 18:50: Ben and Mary Anne on their past relationships to chores
  • 21:15: Ben begins explaining his chore chart at greater length
  • 26:15: Mary Anne on the state of her household during quarantine
  • 28:50: Ben on super fair solutions
  • 31:44: SLF ad
  • 32:20: On how Ben’s kids factor into the chore chart
  • 33:50: On the question of who cooks
  • 38:20: Defining the term “domestic labor”
  • 39:27: On the cultural pressure of breastfeeding
  • 42:25: On parental skill sets
  • 45:20: Mary Anne on being home with the baby
  • 48:15: On getting cookies for doing the right thing
  • 55:27: On how the pandemic changed family dynamics
  • 59:00: Mary Anne talks about her time at the Ragdale artist residency
  • 1:03:47: Mary Anne on Airbnb and her writing shed

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