SLF Update Re: Membership, Deep Dish Reading, and More

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed already, but there has been lots going on at the SLF in the past couple of months. We updated and modernized our website, we’ve more than doubled our membership count with the Genesis Membership drive, and funded a Kickstarter for our Portolan Project.

Most recently we’ve implemented a new membership management software on the site, which allows us to create and manage membership tiers right here and put more intractability in your hands by giving you the option to change payment methods, cancel subscriptions, and view upcoming content only open to members. 

The membership management software in question also allows us to create courses, which is quickly coming up so keep your eyes and ears open! Upper level members will get a discount for the courses we will offer at the SLF.

Also coming up next month is a revival of our Deep Dish reading series here in Chicago, which we unfortunately had to cease with the restrictions of the pandemic. If you’re interested in coming to see some authors read at The Book Cellar on Thursday, August 18, 2022 – 6:30pm CST, please register here

Thank you to all those who have become members in the past couple of months, and even those who have stopped by our site to check out some of our interviews with authors, our educational Deep Dive modules, or listened to our podcast Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans. Your support means everything to us!