The Speculative Literature Foundation is pleased to announce that Sarah Lyn Eaton is the winner of the 2021 Working Class Writers Grant.

Since 2013, the Working Class Writers Grant has sought to aid working-class, poor, and homeless writers — a population whose work has historically gone underrepresented and underappreciated in speculative fiction. We strive to empower writers forced to put their craft on the backburner in favor of working jobs to make ends meet, to those who lack the resources to attend conventions where other writers have the privilege of meeting and sharing ideas. We intend to help bridge the financial divide that can separate great voices from eager audiences with this grant.

Eaton’s winning piece is “The Fragrant Feast.” Eaton (she/her) is a queer pagan writer and a burn survivor, learning how to write around new disabilities. You can read about her accident in the anthology Against Death: 35 Essays on Living while she works on finishing the story of her recovery. She is a playwright and author of science fiction and fantasy stories. Eaton lives with her wife, cat, and stray transient spirits in Binghamton, NY. She is a life-long Star Wars geek who spends a lot of time in the woods, taking photographs of nature and getting lost rock hunting. Her stories have been published in the anthologies Upon a Twice Time, Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction, Of Fae and Fate: Lesser Known Fairy Tales Retold, On Fire, and Dystopia Utopia. In 2019 and 2020 she won one of six spots in KNOW Theatre’s Playwright Festival.


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