Formal Internship at the SLF

Quick note for UIC and other Chicago area college students — the SLF is forming a formal internship program, to be starting next semester. These are currently unpaid internships (the staff is also mostly unpaid at the moment!), but do come with course credit at UIC if done in conjunction with an internship class in English / LAS (1-3 credits), and we may be able to work something out in exchange with other area schools.

If you’re interested in science fiction and fantasy literature, in arts administration, in event planning, publicity, social media, website resource development, program development, etc., this may be a good fit for you. You’d be working on such elements as the new Chicago chapter, the reading series, the Portolan creative writing educational project, the grants we give out, and general publicity & outreach work for the Foundation.

Interns would need to be able to meet with me, either at UIC on MWF (around my 11 – 2 teaching schedule next semester), or in Oak Park. If interested, comment below, or drop a note to me at, subject line: INTERNSHIP.