Grants and Programs


The SLF currently offers four grants:  The Older Writers’ Grant, the Travel Grant, the Working Class Writers’ Grant, and the Diversity Grant.  All of our grants are free to apply, and are designed as ‘gateway’ grants, with easy and straightforward applications that should be quick to complete.  We hope that they will both serve the community directly, and also encourage genre writers to explore the wide variety of grants, awards, and residencies available in the larger writing community.


The SLF develops programs to serve the Speculative Literature community. Our main current program is the fiscal sponsorship program, which allows us to extend our 501(c)3 status to other non-profit organizations, allowing them to accept tax-deductible contributions from the public.  We also offer a Small Press Co-operative, designed to help the genre’s small presses exchange information and share resources; it is currently under redevelopment.

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